GGJ2021 – I Have Seen Your Dog

I Have Seen Your Dog – a play on “Have You Seen This Dog?” :D

Game Design Document

overall game details

PC and mobile friendly

  • set game camera to phone portrait mode 9:16/1080px x 1920px
  • one input: left mouse click or screen tap
    • also need click-drag or screen drag? or make both game scenes fit the camera?
    • maybe the latter option to start, could expand later


MOST IMPORTANT to least important

  • DOGS
    • min: 10 dog sprites for the kennels and 1-4 matching dog “pictures” that get shown in the first scene (that are similar to the dog to be found, but different enough that the player feels a bit of challenge!)
    • goal: 15-20 dog sprites for the kennels so I can randomize every level
  • people who are looking for their dogs
    • start with AT LEAST 1, maybe a goal of 3 or 4?
    • bonus points if the person and dog echo similar characteristics like the disney movie shots we talked about in chat during the brainstorming :D
  • happy success art of person and dog reunited
  • wall of kennels (refer to silly, crappy image below in game loop for reference)


MOST IMPORTANT to least important

  • SFX: happy success music!!
  • SFX: open kennel dog noise (like a creaking hinge?)
  • SFX: dog noises
    • barking, whimpering, huffing, tail wag effect?, clicking of toe nails on cement
  • Music: background music for the game

game loop

  • player sees person who comes looking for their missing dog
  • this searching person then describes their missing dog (or maybe shows a picture on their phone?)
  • switch to new game scene of a wall of dogs in kennels
  • generate random sprites with colliders in each kennel
  • user clicks on one of the kennels (detected by collider)
  • switch back to first game scene and the searching person tells the player if they successfully found the right animal, if yes get a “yay happy reunion”, if no back to kennel scene to try again 
    • if no could give message “while that dog wasn’t the right one, they enjoyed saying hi to that human and getting a walkie”

the actual code needed

‘menu’ scene

  • start
    • a note about what this game is and what the player shall be doing and how to win
  • quit

‘front desk’

  • show person who is looking for dog? or maybe if there’s no time for art for people just show dialog box that says “have you seen this dog?” and show what looks like a phone screen with a picture of one of the random dog pictures
    • store name of sprite (or gameobject?) to variable


  • start:
    • each kennel to generate a dog gameobject prefab
      • for-each loop through them to change to a random dog sprite? or maybe have one prefab per dog and loop through game objects??
      • ok for duplicates at start, time permitting figure out how to ensure no duplicates
  • on button click
    • on kennel: compare name (of gameobject or sprite?)
      • if same, show person and dog happy
      • if not same show fail message
        • add ‘ok’ button to close message? or fade out after 3 sec?
    • add a way to go back to look at the picture again?