3D Printer Running

I got FABRIC’s 3D printer put together and running months ago, but as it’s a CR-10S, the printing bed had to be re-calibrated BY HAND after every print! That was awful.

I bought an auto-calibration sensor kit from TH3Dstudio.com (with my own money!) almost 6 months ago, and finally got that set up this week. Ended up being fairly straight-forward, I was just really nervous about the firmware flash, as I really couldn’t afford to replace the printer out of my own pocket if I broke it. So, yeah, it sat there half-finished for months while I was avoiding the scary part.

A week ago I completely re-organized my office, and the guilt of the printer sitting there going to waste finally got to me, so I bit the bullet and (after contacting support ~10000000 times, and they were wonderful and patient every single time) I flashed the printer with the TH3D firmware and got the printer running with OctoPrint.

Check out the pics of the stuff I printed today! An iPad holder for FABRIC’s studio, 4 lucets of differing sizes, and I tried making a short pair of knitting needles. Need to research what other people do to smooth out prints…